Nine Degree Products is a UK
product development company

We imagine, design and develop relevant wearable devices, connected products and smart environments that improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

In order to develop relevant products that solve real health and wellbeing problems for real people we take a holistic view of the product ecosystem and the user environment and focus on creating impeccable user experience at every step.

Creating products that are beautiful and practical as well as satisfying to use, we pay attention to function and aesthetics, collaborating and exchanging ideas throughout the development process to boost value and give breadth to our results.

Expand the potential of your great product idea

We take a holistic view of your product and its ecosystem.


Some of our core expertise


Gain a competitive edge through smarter data processing

We develop products that can do more with less by optimising our algorithms for low-power wearable devices, and transforming big data into smart data.


Working with Us


Companies we like working with