Nine Degree Products is a UK
product development company

We imagine, design and develop relevant wearable devices, connected products and smart environments that improve people’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

In order to develop relevant products that solve real health and wellbeing problems for real people we take a holistic view of the product ecosystem and the user environment and focus on creating impeccable user experience at every step.

Creating products that are beautiful and practical as well as satisfying to use, we pay attention to function and aesthetics, collaborating and exchanging ideas throughout the development process to boost value and give breadth to our results.

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Working with us

Develop your concept

Our early-stage ‘Concept Development’ sessions help develop your existing ideas. Gain clarity regarding your technology options, while expanding the potential of your idea. Learn more

Solve technical challenges

Let us help you find a solution. Our ‘Product Development Services’ can assist at whatever stage of development you may be at – from a specific technical challenge to designing a full Product Ecosystem. Learn more

Prove the technology

A practical look at your problem in the lab. Our ‘Prototype Iteration’ sessions can help you de-risk your technology with rapid iteration prototyping. Learn more

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