How we go about developing
smart, connected, wearable products

1. Focus on people

Products are all about people. So people is where we start thinking about products, and where we keep our focus throughout the product development process. How will they physically use the product? How will it fit into their lives? What value will it give them and how will this make them feel? To make sure we design a successful product we use user testing at every step in the process to validate our decisions. Whether you call it ergonomics, human factors or user experience design, it’s the critical element in designing a product that solves a real problem and gives people something they value.

2. Develop ecosystems, not just products

Wearables and smart products are usually just one part of a system that people will use. That’s why we explore the product ecosystem from the very beginning. Where will this product be used? How will it integrate with the Cloud, portable devices, back-end systems and existing technologies? How can the data it generates be of value to users and manufacturers? Once we have explored the product ecosystem, we can prototype the best possible version of the product itself and the hardware, software and apps to create an outstanding product system.

Finally, to make sure that these products are successful and resilient, we actively develop technologies that are sustainable by virtue of their capacity to evolve and interact in a rapidly changing technological environment.

3. Eliminate risk early

We always test the riskier or unproven concepts of a new product idea first. Before we spend our time, or your budget, on detailed 3D design or shrinking down the electronics, we eliminate the factors that could make the product too expensive or complex to produce. We then continue to develop the product iteratively, maintaining working versions of the design as we test and refine it.

4. Build the service around the client

We shape our service to fit your needs. We can manage the whole product development process for you, or just advise on, prototype or evaluate specific elements of the project. We can work to a traditional waterfall development method, or use rapid iteration and a take an Agile approach. Because we are a small core team, with a network that includes leading experts in every aspect of smart product development, we can access the skills you need as and when you need them. All of this keeps us, or your development team, as lean and cost-efficient as possible.

5. Work with leaders in the field

When something is outside of our area of expertise, we use it as an opportunity to find and collaborate with people who are leaders in their field. We already have a large network of consultants, researchers and makers who we can go to when we need them. By working like this, we not only give you a better service, but extend our own knowledge every time a new challenge emerges. We have also used our network to bring together teams to collaborate on successful grant funding applications.

Working with Us