Biofeedback Ecosystem

Discovery Session

BioSelf Technology is a UK technology start-up, who are building a highly innovative cloud-connected wearable product that makes use of advanced sensor technologies and biofeedback to enhance a person’s wellbeing and reduce the effects of stress.

Why us?

They came to us to help drive the vision forward and because of our experience in sensor technologies, wearable devices and Internet of Things.

How we worked together

We were able to select a high calibre team with a balance of software and hardware skill sets, including two PhD experts. The Discovery Session provided a deeper understanding of the steps required to jump from a very basic prototype to a platform that could be used for user testing and further system development.

Relevant product development expertise

  • Concept generation
  • Wearable technology
  • Connected products
  • Sensor technologies
  • Form factor development


Armed with the Discovery Roadmap report, the BioSelf board raised investment through an SEIS seed round within 5 days of launching.


We have subsequently embarked on further work to develop prototype technologies for BioSelf Technology.