Wearable Wellbeing Technology

Hardware Demonstrator

Rescon Technologies is a UK human performance technology company. They develop wearable technologies and cloud service systems that monitor human performance and wellbeing. The company has a portfolio of digital and physical IP.

Why us?

The company received funding from the European Space Agency to develop their latest advanced wellbeing-tracker. Rescon, having previously worked with our team on ECG monitoring applications, saw NDP as the right choice to take charge of the Wearable Technology hardware development for the project.

How we worked together

Rescon came to us with a product concept and the requirement to test this on users in a short timeframe. We created proof of principle functional and form-factor prototypes, followed by a product demonstrator. To achieve this we used iterative prototyping and user testing to develop the device, included the mechanical and electronics design, embedded firmware and on-board data processing capacity for the wearable. 
Finally we produce a batch of 25 devices in the UK, to prove the design and provide a platform for user testing and system validation.

Relevant product development expertise

  • Connected products
  • Wearable technology
  • Sensor integration
  • Low power devices
  • Electronics design and miniaturisation
  • Product and industrial design
  • Small batch production


The product is being evaluated and user tested.


We are now working with the client to take the project to the next phase of development, where user testing and mass production drivers will turn the prototype into a production device.

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