Connected products are changing the way we live, work and play. The Internet of Things presents magnificent possibilities to rethink products, compete in new markets and create extraordinary customer experiences. Our starting point in developing smart products is exploring and understanding the potential for innovation that the idea has, and how the data it generates can be transformed into value to the user and a competitive advantage for the manufacturer.

The connected nature of a smart product means that we must develop all aspects of the product system too. From the sensor technologies and electronics through to the algorithms, APIs, cloud data processing services, and software that make it possible to use and analyse the data, integrate third-party data, automate functions and personalise products.

We work with both established wireless technologies such as WiFi, 2/3/4G and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), and new open wireless protocols like LoRa, ZigBee and Thread that connect smart devices in a decentralized mesh network. Then there are ultra-narrowband technologies like SIGFOX, which is developing a global cellular Internet of Things network.

These new technologies are expanding the possibilities for the Internet of Things every day. They are low-power and are making it possible to create low-cost city-wide, country-wide or global networks of ‘things’.


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