Staged validation, tooling and mass production set up

NDP Labs | Fast track to market

You have a clear product vision a product design that works and the capital needed to produce the product on mass. Now you need to refine your detail and get it to market.

We manage all aspects of product delivery. We refine the physical and digital elements of your product in parallel and fast. Our goal is to give you a product that provides the best possible user experience at the right cost, and every refinement is made with careful consideration of the impact on the supply chain, component costs and final manufacturing process. Through our tested procurement, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing partners, we can get your product to market fast.


REFINE – Manufacturing details

Once the Product Development design has been frozen, we will prepare the product to be made in volume. The next step is to refine the design and engineering to meet validation criteria, so that mass produced units meet the design specifications and perform as expected.

Detailed testing carried out here is about details like waterproofing features, drop-testing, emissions compliance, the durability of coatings and finishes and so on.

Suitable factories are selected to assist with meeting the specific requirements of the production processes.


TOOL – Mass production

The tooling required for mass production encompasses a significant part of the production budget and so getting the design of the tools right is a high priority. The soft tooling created in the Product Development phase should be as close as possible to the final design, but manufacturing requirements and changes to materials are key drivers.


MANUFACTURE – Making units

Even once the production process is defined and set up with high quality tooling, there is still a ramping up process to contend with to ensure high yield. In this stage of production units are carefully checked against quality and cosmetic standards. Failure rate must be reduced to an acceptable level by fine tuning the production process.

We will manage the procurement and supply chain logistics and work very closely with our UK, EU and global supply chain to deliver your product on mass. The normal procedure is to have monthly delivery levels based on specific total batch sizes, such as 10k units per month on a 100k total batch size.

The finished products are supplied into your distribution network and shipped to end users.